Review: Into The Vail (Veilwalker Trilogy, book 1) , by Jennifer R. McDonald - An amazing world and a delicious romance that you shouldn't miss!

Book description:


Life isn’t easy for a teenage veilwalker.


Lyric has been on the run for over a decade. Her brother is her only friend, her father treats her like a soldier, and after an ill-planned trip to purgatory she’s stuck with a bitterly displaced ghost.

Charles Hathor has problems of his own—problems he’s confident can be solved with the aid of Lyric’s realm-crossing ability. As the leader of a powerful coven, he’ll stop at nothing to ensure her cooperation. Kidnapping, extortion, maybe even murder; everything goes in his quest for retribution.

Alongside her twin, Lyric is forced back into the bowels of the magical world. But working for a vengeful warlock is not for the faint of heart.

Relationships will be tested. Unlikely alliances will be forged. And Lyric will discover enemies closer than she ever imagined.

This is the first book in Jennifer R. McDonald's Veilwalker Trilogy (And, on a personal note, I will review all of them!)




* I received this book in exchange for my honest review*

Don't you hate it when a book keeps you up until three in the morning (even though you have to wake up at 6:30 to go to work) because it's so darn good? I don't! I love it!

I fell in love with Lyric and Lincon right away (what a great name, Lyric, by the way). They are Vailwalker twins, and possibly the last of their kind of mages. Veilwalkers are witches who can freely go (you guessed it) Into The Vail between our world and the next - what some people would call purgatory. And the reason that is great, other then they see dead people, is that the Vail and our world are connected. When they are in the Vail they can see and hear everything that happends in our world, making them the best spies anyone could ask for.

The world Jennifer McDonald created was one of the best aspects of the book for me. It talked about witches, werewolfs and vampires - all terribly familiar - in a strikingly unique way. There were other paranormal beings that were introduced as well, and even if I hadn't heard about them before, they felt right - like maybe McDonald had an insight into the actual magical world out there. Like maybe this world could be real, and we could be living in it.

All the chatecters were like that too - they felt real. Even in the very beginning when nothing much was happening, the main characters already showed they were strong, smart, independent and kind. The best thing about it was that I didn't notice the author trying to make me see them that way. The dialogs were smooth and witty, and McDonald introduced this remarkable world and adorable characters in a very fluid way. They sneak up on you, and when you realize you are already rooting for them. Sure, they are teens, and that shows sometimes in some impulsive reactions and questionable atitudes. But they were not stupid kids, by any means. All, including the secondary characters, were complex and multidimentional.

And I have to talk about the romance. It wasn't the main point of the book at all, and it wasn't particularly steamy either. But it was so sweet and it grew in such an organic way... It made me literally put my hand over my heart in a swooning gesture many times. I loved it and I can't even explain the reason for it that well.

For me, this book was very well rounded. It had likable and believable characters, an interesting plot set in an unique world, heart-melting romance, and incredible action all through out. I'm so glad I got to read it!

My rating: 5/5
Would I read it again? Yes
Do I recommend it? Yes! To any YA and Paranormal lovers. Buy it now, you won't regret it! I honestely can't believe it isn't more popular!