City of Heavenly Fire

City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare I was really hoping City of Heavenly Fire would redeem City of Lost Souls and City of Fallen Angels for me, but it didn't. And it wasn't a completely horrible book either (which is what most reviews I was reading made it sound like). There were moments - especially at the beginning - where it was really irritating, but all in all it was an "OK" book (which is what three stars mean, even though I meant to give it 2.5). So here are some pros and cons to illustrate how I felt about the book:

Pro: It's good for a series to end with a lot of questions answered. Cassandra Clare brought stories and characters back from The Infernal Devices, from the Bane Chronicles, and wrapped them all up in a nice Mortal Instruments bow. She even introduced her next series The Dark Artifices. And, unlike many people, I really enjoyed the parts about Emma and Jules.
Con: It felt really forced, sometimes, that everything would fall exactly into place like that - all the pathways neatly colliding. And all the Emma and Jules parts were obviously meant as characters introductions, and were sometimes left in the air.

Pro: Cassandra Clare's books are action packed and often funny. It's a light read and that is how I treat it. She is a good writer, but she is good at writing superficial things - at least that is my point of view.
Con: the stories lacked depth. They were dealing with the end of the world, life and death situations, but I felt nothing for them. Not pity, not dread, not sorrow. And that is not what I'm looking for in a book.

From now on I'm afraid there are only cons:
Con: The main characters are - and there is no better word for it - stupid! I like Clary and Jace, but if you think about it, they have always been immature. I thought, since this is the last one of their stories, that they would grow up a little. But apparently not. They make one bad decision after the other, never learning. At times they are completely reckless, disregarding how much it will hurt the people they love and how much it will be pointless for them to put themselves in danger. At other times they are complete cowards, giving into the bad guys against all reason. In fact, they are all, the main characters, absolutely selfish and arrogant.

Con: And that is the other problem: too much arrogance all around. I am all for the younger generation being proactive and changing things, but they NEVER listen to their elders, and their elders, in turn, never listen to them. It is such a horrible portrait of what a young person AND what an adult should be. It's a book full of bad examples that I hope young people don't take to heart.

Con: Feeble love stories. Their love stories (especially Clary and Jace's, but all of theirs) are another thing I wish I didn't hate, but I do. This is a tip for all young girls who read this: True love should NOT be this difficult, or this selfish. They each claim the other is the center of their world, but they make selfish reckless decisions all the time. And the sad thing is Cassandra Clare KNOWS how to write beautiful love stories, because she wrote The Infernal Devices, which has one of the sweetest most selfless love stories in the YA genre.

I could go on with the cons here, but it would be overdoing it. So, in summation, I hate that I hate this book, because I love the premiss and the Shadowhunter World so much. I wouldn't say this book is a must read, nor would I go as far as say that the people that followed the Mortal Instruments Saga so far shouldn't read it. But, if you are just starting to read the Mortal Instruments, do yourself a favor and read it only until the third book: City of Glass. It is a much better ending than this.