Damaged - Becca Vincenza I received a copy from this book in exchange for my honest review.

I had big problems with the beginning of this book. I felt really sad up until about the middle, just because I thought it had such great potential. But then it started to get better - much better. And that is why I gave it the avarage rating. This is what I liked and disliked about it:

- It really needs editing. Some sentences are awkwardly put and there are some gramatical mistakes. But all that is comprehensible, since this book was independently published. What really bothered me was how confusing and (contradictinly) over explained this book was in the beggining. Some parts I had to read many times over just to understand what was going on, while in other parts I was bored by Wikepedia-like explanations of the different kinds of supernaturals. Those were the parts where the author almost lost me.
- The forshadowing was pretty obvious and convinient. There were other little things that seemed to be like that - moments used to serve a purpose - instead of belivable parts of this story. Their time in the woods or Nixie's bond to Audrey, for instance, were a little hard to accept.
- Another thing that really bothered me in the beggining was the "instalove". I really hate this word, and I'm sorry to use it, but it is the best description of Stone's reaction to Audrey. This book was told from alternating first person perspectives (Stone's and Audrey's) and at some points it seemed like they were magically guessing what the other felt or what the other was thinking. That is easily explained with Audrey's power, but not comming from Stone. This does get somewhat explained towards the end of the book, but it doesn't make it up for me. It felt forced, and it's a shame, because there is so much beauty in their love, in the way they connect... (I talk more about the good parts later)
- The way Stone was acting all possesive and so much like Audrey's father also bothered me a lot in the beginning. But this part really was made up for later, and it ended up feeling like a very smart move from Vincenza.

- The love between Audrey and Stone. It's beautiful how they are flawed people, and strive to be better for each other and for themselves (like Stone strugling to be less posessive, not because Audrey asked, but because he knows it's best). It is gorgeous how they love each other's "deformities" (as most people would see them). It gave the story a lovely redeeming quality. It's exquisite how they make each other better, want to be with each other all the time, but still strive to be their own person, independently. As their bond grew, the book got better and better, and it was hard to put it down by the end.
- The steamy love scenes. This book is not for a younger audience, and (as an adult who loves YA and NA) I apreciated. I'm hoping for more of it on the next books, though.
- Audrey and Stone, as well as the other characters, were deep and well crafted. I liked Nixie, Elijah, Xavier and even Drake. Nobody was perfect, and nobody was so evil you couldn't relate. They made this jambalaya of paranormal creatures seem beliavable, which is a feat! Really great job from Vincenza on this front.
- It is a good story with an interesting premiss. And I have to admit it has a "je ne sais quoi" as it gets on, and you just need to know where it's going. By the end, it gripped me!

So, I will definitely read the other books in this series, and I would recommend it for people who love paranormal romances, as long as you can cope with a week beginning.