Healed (Rebirth #2)

Healed (Rebirth #2) - Becca Vincenza *I got this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.*
I enjoyed Damaged, but I LOVED Healed. This was a mesmerizing, unpredictable and absolutely delicious story to read! Not to mention HOT!
This book is not exactly a sequel, but more in the lines of a parallel story that happens shortly after the events in Damaged. Audrey and Stone are in it, but as minor secondary characters. It focusses on Elijah (featured in Damaged) and Valentine (a whole new character), as they share dual points of view.
I already thought Becca Vincenza was a master creator when it came to building characters and crafting them to be believable, even though they are supernatural; and endearing, even though they are flawed. But she really surpassed herself here. And that is because she built her characters in a way that completely supported this fast paced story and gave it an exquisite balance.
Elijah, at one point of the book, said “She was warm where I was cold; she was light, where I was dark.”, when talking about Valentine and himself. And that is exactly what worked well here. Their energies worked like a yin/yang type of thing, where his harsh sense of reality, and his aggressive demeanor were balanced out by her lightness of spirit and unrelenting faith. It was truly beautiful to see their reactions towards one another and how they grew because of each other. Much like in Audrey and Stone's relationship, they had a redeeming effect on each other. And that is exactly what I believe true love should be: two flawed people in an imperfect relationship who ultimately are better for being together. Lovely!
And did I mention it was HOT?!? Well, it really was, more so than Damaged, for me. Yum!
But the romance wasn't the only good part of it. I also loved Amani, and all the other parts of the plot that had little to do with their love. I could really see how amazing it is this world that Vincenza has created. I could definitely see many books such as these first two - separate stories in the same world that make sense for the ultimate plot of the series - coming out. More than that, I eagerly expect it!
In summation, this book is a well crafted, well written romantic adventure. I would highly recommend it to any adult that is interested in a steamy, fast paced paranormal romance. I can't wait for the next one!