Deception - C.J. Redwine In the style of Logan McEntire, I will depict the worst and best case scenarios you will find if you decide to buy this book. As a logical person, I advice you to read both good and bad scenarios with equal care:

Worst case scenario number one: you'll be very disappointed with the beginning of this book and think this is a typical second book, where the author fills it with a lot of action that has very little purpose (hence the term "filler").
Best case scenario number one: you'll push through it and realize those have more meaning then they seem, and that the great ending redeems this book.

Worst case scenario number two: you believe, like me, that revenge is an utterly dumb (and I do mean unintelligent) thing to do, and it takes away from the smart, headstrong girl you liked so much in the beginning of all this (I'm talking about Rachel, of course). If that happens, you'll probably also get tired of the blind rage and endless stubbornness that drives her to push away everything good she still has and repeatedly self-sabotage her own happiness, wishing they simply had a grief therapist among the Baalboden survivors.
Best case scenario number two: you'll appreciate how honestly the feelings of grief are depicted in this book - not only in Rachel's, but in many character's different ways of dealing with pain - and be touched by when she finally wakes up to the truth of who she is.

Worst case scenario number three: you'll realize you can't ignore the fact that this doesn't hold up as a distopian world - where are all the guns we (as a civilization) had? How about the technology that already exists that doesn't require gas fuel, why did it vanish? Or, how about using nuclear power to stop the Cursed One back then, before the Commander? In what reality a disaster, no matter of what kind, would get people to stop using the American Flag as a symbol? (just to cite some of the inconsistencies that stood out to me, but there are more). That means you'd probably get frustrated realizing Logan couldn't possibly be the only intelligent mind out there that would think of planning better ways to move people from city to city and do other mechanical marvels.
Best case scenario number three: you'll dismiss those concerns and realize that even though this is an inconsistent world, it is very entertaining. You'll also take into consideration the beautiful writing style and the gripping, fast paced action, and you won't be able to put this book down until the cliffhanging ending.

Since the beginning of the book deserved 3 stars and the ending 4.5 stars, I'm giving it a solid 3.8 star rating. This book has flaws, but I would surely recommend it.